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If you open the online store in a major city, and etc, if your potential customers are located in large cities, the delivery can be made via courier - it signed a contract with the courier company or hire own couriers for distribution of orders within the city (suburbs). If you plan to deliver orders outside the city limits (across the country, abroad), then connect the delivery of Russian Post, by EMS and other delivery services.

Offer customers convenient payment methods. Among the easiest ways to bank receipt and payment terminal. In addition, today many buyers also use bank cards and electronic money (Bitcoin, Payoner, PayPal and etc).

Come up with a memorable address to which your online store will open in the Internet. You can choose any unoccupied address that you like. Check availability of addresses can, for example, in the form of registration in the cloud. Examples of locations:

  • your-store.com
  • autoparts78.en
  • mysupergadgetstore.com
  • china4u.org
  • Any unoccupied address!

Congratulations! Your online store is open and ready to receive orders!

Thank you.

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Our features

All about our features.

Single sign-on

Each user logs on with his password and username, and sees only the applications for which it has open access.

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Internet Store

If You have no time to be distracted from important things, and who needs a reliable working online store as soon as possible.

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How it works?

Open online store is to publish the site with photos and descriptions of products that visitors can add to cart and order.

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About us

Welcome! Our online store offers a wide range of advanced products and provides fast cheap shipping throughout Everywhere. The base of customers is constantly growing and has more than 5000 happy customers. Join now!

We will deliver your order by courier to Your city or express delivery service throughout Everywhere.

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